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Who Is Liable For Construction Site Accidents?

On a construction site, there are different parties involved. If an accident occurs at such a place, it becomes a hassle to know the one involved. It would help if you had an idea of how an accident occurred. Additionally, consult an experienced New York construction accident lawyer to file a claim for your injuries. If you get in an accident at the construction site, you must understand the liable party for the accident. This is because, at this site, you’re exposed to dangerous situations. To better understand the liable party for your accident on a construction site, keep reading!

Common Types of Construction Site Accidents

There are different types of accidents you can experience on a construction site. Some common accidents include exposure to toxic chemicals and asbestos, falling from scaffolding, improper and unsafe use of dangerous equipment when struck by heavy machinery, faulty wiring causing electrocution, and more.

How to Determine Liability For Injuries in a Construction Site

If you work on a construction site, then you’re aware that multiple parties are involved. Each project has specific parties involved, making it a hassle to determine the liable party after an accident. However, some of the parties that can be liable after your accident in a construction site include:

Construction Site Owner

The construction site owner could be liable for your accident. However, that will depend on the level of control the owner has on the site. If the owner hands over the land to a contractor, then he/she will not be liable for any accident. This is during the construction period.

On the other hand, the land possessor can be liable for any accident resulting in severe injuries or death who are invited to the property. That’s because they should ensure the safety of invitees and should inform any hazard on the property.


The other group liable for an accident in a construction site is the general or sub-general contractors. It is the role of a contractor to ensure the safety of the workers in their construction site. Therefore, these premises have to be safe, and the constructor should warn of any defects or dangerous hazards on their sites. In addition, the constructor must ensure all tasks are safely performed. This duty extends to ensuring they hire competent and able workers who can comply with safety regulations of the construction site.

Prime Contractors

If a prime contractor is involved in an accident on construction sites, it should be outlined in their prime contract. This is because prime contractors will be responsible for delegating work to subcontractors, such as work quality and payment. In this situation, a prime contractor can be liable for your accident.


You have seen some of the parties liable for an accident at the construction site. If you are involved in an accident on a construction site, you need to prove the liable team’s negligence. Doing it individually will be a hassle to claim. It would be best to get legal advice. You can do that by hiring a reliable construction accident lawyer today!

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