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What Can You Expect when Making a Hair Damage Claim? Your Essential Guide

Hair damage claims have become a more than usual occurrence in recent years, whether it’s due to the negligence or lack of training of a stylist or technician or the use of harmful products or equipment. Hair damage can be quite traumatic – if you have suffered baldness or hair loss due to an accident in the salon or hairdresser, this can be especially taxing for your self-esteem. But going forth with a hair damage claim is easier said than done, and the process can be complicated since you have to prove that your damage and injury was someone else’s fault. So what can you really expect when making a hair damage claim? Here’s your essential guide.

What makes up hair damage and injury?

Hair damage or injury can be easily described: it’s an injury where your hair’s condition has become worse than it was originally. It can result in injuries such as a burnt scalp or burnt hair, brittle hair, scalp dermatitis, hair being torn out, patchiness, and more. The accident and injury may likely affect how your hair looks and feels for some time, if not permanently.

In certain situations, a haircut that doesn’t adhere to your specifications can also be classified as hair damage because it can have a drastic effect on your mental and emotional state. If your hair damage has also resulted in a loss of income, especially if your hair needs to be of a specific style or condition due to your profession, you can claim for hair damage as well.

What you can seek as damages

There are various types of claims for compensation for personal injury, but hair damage and hairdressing claims can award you different kinds of compensation: compensation for loss of earnings or wages, compensation for expenses, as well as compensation for suffering and pain.

The compensation for suffering and pain is an amount that will be calculated based on the extent of suffering and pain you have had to go through because of hair damage. The compensation for loss of earnings or wages will be computed based on how much time you have had to take off from your work because of your injury. If your future potential for earnings will be affected by your injury, this can be included in the computation as well.

Your compensation for expenses will be computed based on whatever expenses you have incurred – from doctor’s visits to medical treatment, transport, and care.

Common claims for hair damage

There are different ways your hair can get damaged, but some claims are more common than others. For instance, people have been known to file claims for allergic reactions. The use of hair dye can cause an allergic reaction, or your hair can become damaged due to bleach. This can be avoided if the stylist or technician carries out a patch test beforehand. If they didn’t, then you can seek compensation.

Another common claim is products being left on someone’s hair for a long time. There are restrictions on the amount of time some chemicals can be left on someone’s hair, and if it is left for too long, hair can become damaged.

The best thing you can do is consult a competent solicitor who specialises in beauty and hair damage claims – they can serve as your best ally and will work on a No Win, No Fee contract as well.

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