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UK Citizens Taking on Mercedes over Potential Diesel Emission Lies

Being one of the car manufacturers involved in the 2016 Dieselgate scandal has been quite a challenge for German carmaker Mercedes-Benz. After they were implicated in the defeat device scam in 2016, the company has had to deal with fines, claims and group litigations, and multiple vehicle recalls. 

Year after year, it seems like there are new cases filed against the carmaker. Towards the last quarter of 2021, drivers and car owners from various parts of the UK got together to file a group lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz for the car company’s alleged contribution to the Dieselgate scandal. 

The Dieselgate scandal

In September 2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency discovered illegal defeat devices installed on thousands of Volkswagen diesel vehicles sold across the country. These devices have been designed to detect when a vehicle is being tested. Once it does, it suppresses emissions levels so these would stay within the limits set by the World Health Organization.

However, when the vehicle is tested in real-world driving conditions, the defeat device causes the vehicle to revert to its usual emissions levels, which exceed the WHO and EU standards, making the vehicle emit alarming amounts of NOx or nitrogen oxides. These gases are detrimental to human health and negatively impact the environment.

Soon after, the diesel emissions scandal spread throughout Europe, including the UK. Eventually, other carmakers were implicated, starting with Mercedes-Benz in 2016. In February that year, Mercedes diesel car owners in the United States filed a class-action lawsuit against the company for allegedly using defeat devices in manipulating vehicle emissions tests. Mercedes’ parent company Daimler denied the allegations. 

Later on, the diesel emissions scam reached Europe, including the UK, so Mercedes-Benz was thrust into the spotlight many times over. 

  • Daimler’s manufacturing sites in Germany were raided by prosecutors because of suspicions of using defeat devices to cheat emissions testing
  • Over 770,000 Mercedes-Benzes throughout Europe were recalled after KBA, Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority, found defeat devices in their diesel vehicles
  • The European Commission sent statements of objections to Daimler, BMW, and Volkswagen for limiting the development of NOx emissions cleaning technology for diesel vehicles
  • Daimler paid at least €870 million or over £751 million in fines by September 2019 plus an additional £1.091 billion and £509 million to US authorities and Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners
  • Towards the end of 2020, Mercedes and Daimler were subjected to more claims filed by affected car owners in the UK

By the tail end of 2021, more drivers gathered courage and got together to file a case against Mercedes-Benz. 

Group action

Nigel Walton, Mark Simpson, and Paul Hanna of Sheffield are three of the thousands of UK consumers who have gotten together to file Mercedes diesel compensation claims against the German carmaker. The three believe that Mercedes-Benz’s use of the defeat device is a complete disappointment. 

They were also shocked to find out that Daimler worked with VW and BMW in suppressing technology designed to help reduce vehicle emissions. Walton, Simpson, and Hanna are determined to get the compensation that is due to them.  

In Leicester, David Simpson and Jayeshkumar Patel are working with their legal advisers on their Dieselgate compensation claim. Their goal is to bring in other consumers so they can come up with group action litigation against Mercedes-Benz. They said the carmaker led them to believe that the vehicles they purchased were environmentally clean and safe. In reality, their vehicles significantly contributed to the UK’s polluted air.

Another UK resident joining the claim against Mercedes is Helen Pilgrim, a Worksop resident. Like other affected consumers, she believes that Mercedes should be held liable for their action, which is why she joined other drivers and car owners in filing the claim.

Three Rochdale residents – Shiraz Siddique, Farah Hussain, and Robert Campbell, are also determined to claim compensation from Mercedes. 

Law firms are encouraging the thousands upon thousands of consumers affected by the scandal to also file a diesel emissions claim so they can put together a group action against Mercedes. Around 600,000 Mercedes-Benz owners are said to be affected by the defeat device scam in the UK.

Aside from mis-selling the vehicle, NOx (nitrogen oxides) is another reason why drivers should get their compensation from Mercedes-Benz. NOx are gases that not only destroy the environment and ecosystem but also affect human health. Anybody who is constantly exposed to NOx emissions can develop various health issues, including respiratory diseases and increased risks of cardiovascular issues and long-term lung problems.

How do I file a diesel emission claim?

The first thing to do when filing a Mercedes emissions claim is to verify if your vehicle is affected. Mercedes-Benz and Daimler websites are expected to have this information.

After verifying that your car is fitted with the illegal defeat device, you can start working on your claim. It can be a lengthy and trying process, so you have to work with a panel of emissions solicitors, such as the ones at They know how emissions claim cases work, so you’ll have greater chances of winning and getting back what Mercedes owes you. Visit their website now and start acting on your emission claim.                                       

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