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How is Working with a Work Injury Law Firm Suitable to your Cause 

What is the best way to file an injury claim against a negligent employer? Consider looking for The Walthew Law Firm in your region to seek fair compensation for the injuries incurred while at work. The workers’ compensation law is simple and specifically designed for the benefits of the employees suffering injuries at their workplace due to the negligence of the employer. 

How is working with workers’ compensation lawyer beneficial for you 

When you work with a workers’ compensation lawyer, rest assured that you would not have anything to lose. In the event you succeed, you would receive fair compensation along with a decent percentage of the total amount as fee for the lawyer. If you do not succeed, you do not get anything and you do not owe anything to your lawyer. 

However, with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer at your side, you could be offered a 100% compensation guarantee. It may not be the case when you handle your claim independently. Most of the time, an injured party may not be aware of how to deal with such a situation. 

In most common kinds of injury claims inclusive of product liability, road traffic accidents, public liability, work accidents, and slip & fall accidents, your injury lawyer would enable you to take home the entire compensation award without deducting anything, as they would receive fees from the opposite party. 

Still considering filing the claim independently 

If you were still considering filing the claim independently, consider looking for the benefits offered by the work injury lawyer. Do you think about making the most of these benefits without a workers’ compensation lawyer? Rest assured that you would not be receiving compensation from the employer, but from the insurance company. Therefore, if you were contemplating handling the insurance company lawyers without professional assistance, think again. 

The insurance company lawyers would do everything in their legal might to deny the claim. They would examine the medical reports, safety reports, and other reports relevant to the claim. If you were not competent to handle the claim using the legal knowledge and expertise, rest assured that the insurance company lawyers would not pay you anything. 

Can you not win a compensation claim without a lawyer? 

You may win a claim without a workers’ compensation lawyer, but the claim may not be fair or you are adequately compensated by the insurance company. Therefore, you should hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to strengthen your claim. 

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