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Fell Down a Flight of Stairs? Know Your Rights!

Slip and fall accidents involving staircases are some of the most common accidents in the United States. If you or your loved one got injured in such an accident, you might be left with serious physical injuries ranging from minor bruises to traumatic brain injuries, and more. Furthermore, these accidents can leave victims with hefty medical bills that can range up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and can cripple you financially. If you slipped and fell down a flight of stairs, you should know your rights and what to do next.

Causes of Staircase Slip and Fall Accidents

Knowing what causes staircase slip and fall accidents is not only important to exercise caution in the future but also to strengthen your case if and when you eventually decide to pursue a legal course of action against the negligible party. These types of accidents result from several causes, including dim lighting, broken or uneven stairs, broken or unrepaired railings, worn-out carpeting, slippery surfaces (e.g., marble staircases), unsalted or icy external staircases, a buildup of snow or debris, etc.

Slip and Fall Injuries

While slipping and falling down a flight of stairs might initially sound benign, it can result in life-changing injuries that can leave victims with lasting consequences for their physical and mental health. Such accidents can leave victims with soft tissue injuries (cuts, bruises, lacerations), bone fractures (long bones, short bones, skull bones), Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries, etc.

While it is easy to recover from soft tissue injuries and even bone fractures, injuries that involve the brain or spinal cord can potentially immobilize victims for life and cause them to be wheelchair-bound or lose one or more motor/sensory functions.

Building a Strong Case

If and when you decide to pursue a claim for the compensation of your damages, it is necessary to have evidence that strongly supports your case. You should start by seeking medical help for your injuries and reporting the accident to the property owner or employee in charge of the property’s day-to-day operations.

You should also try your best to gather photographic evidence of the scene of the accident, especially any safety hazards on or around the stairs. Similarly, eyewitness testimonies and your treatment records also help strengthen your case and improve your chances of obtaining fair financial compensation.

Seeking Compensation

The amount of compensation you can potentially receive for your injuries as a result of a lawsuit can vary depending on different factors. You might be entitled to financial compensation, including the costs of your current and future medical treatment, diagnostic tests, loss of income, emotional damages, and punitive damages if any.

Contacting an Attorney

Consulting and hiring an experienced attorney after a staircase slip and fall accident is one of the most important steps towards protecting your legal rights. A competent attorney who has ample experience in personal injury cases can help you gather evidence, file paperwork, and obtain fair financial compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial damages.

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