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Can I handle a personal injury case without hiring a lawyer?

Depending upon the seriousness of your injury you can decide on whether or not to handle your injury case yourself. If your injuries are minor and the liable person is agreeing to compensate you, a personal injury attorney will not have any function in such a case. But if you are severely injured it is wise to hire an attorney as handling the case on your own will be quite a tough job. If injured in Seattle, hiring a lawyer will save you time and money.

Here are some factors that will help you determine whether or not to hire a lawyer:


If your injuries are minimal then you will be taken care of by the insurance companies. But if the injuries are more than you can talk to a lawyer and get the evaluation of the compensation that you can demand. However, if your injuries are havoc, the insurance companies might not want to pay the amount that you deserve, in that case hiring a lawyer will be beneficial for you.


You will need to provide evidence to the insurance companies and the court of laws to prove the dept of your injuries to get the compensation you demand. If you do not have evidence, they will not consider your case as there is nothing you have to prove that you were injured. In such cases hiring a lawyer comes handy as they will work on collecting whatever evidence is necessary to get the claim. 

Proof of your Innocence

To get the claim you need to prove that the person was negligent and is the reason behind your injuries. If the defendant is accepting their fault, you can proceed without a lawyer and get the settlement was done with them and the insurance company.

But if they are not admitting their mistake and demanding a counterclaim, you need to hire an attorney. The attorneys are experienced and have excellent negotiating skills that will help you to deal with the liable party. 


It is seen that people who hire a lawyer always end up getting more compensation than people without lawyers. Moreover, you will need legal knowledge to deal with the lawsuit and other legalities. To do that if you are injured, you should focus on your recovery other than running for compensation. Hiring a lawyer will take away a lot of burdens and your case will be solved by the time you recover. 

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