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5 Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injuries caused by someone else’s negligence are the worst. They make you suffer not just physically or emotionally, but also legally. You have to undergo a hefty procedure to claim compensation for the loss. If you want to make your legal work more convenient, you can take help from a Boca Raton personal injury attorney. The lawyer will guide you through all the procedures while doing most of the work on your behalf. So you can relax and recover better. However, finding the correct lawyer can be a task in itself. For your help, we have collected some specific questions that you can ask your personal injury attorney to check whether they are a perfect choice for you or not.

  • For how long have you been practising?

Your case might be complicated or straightforward. In either situation, you need an expert to guide you through the procedure. By asking this question, you can check the experience of the personal injury attorney. A lawyer who has more experience can provide you with better advice and service.

  • What type of cases do you handle?

Personal injury attorneys are licensed to practice in any segment of law, which is the reason for the importance of this question. Even if the lawyer has a long experience with practising, it is of no use for you if they do not deal with personal injury cases. So a lawyer that handles personal injury cases regularly would be the right choice.

  • What were the outcomes of your previous cases?

Experience and domain are again of no use if the personal injury attorney does not win any of the cases they undertake. So you have to ask them this question and see how good they are in negotiations. Only a lawyer, who can deal with the insurance companies and can negotiate well, would be beneficial for you.

  • Can I contact you any time for the queries?

It is evident for you to have lots of queries and questions during the whole procedure. You will require some expert to answer them all. So you can check the personal injury attorney’s availability for their clients through this question. If they have multiple cases in hand and they can not provide you with proper attention, they might appoint you some other person who will solve all your troubles. Either of the cases is better than the lawyer who does not have time at all.

  • How many personal injury cases, similar to mine, have you dealt with?

The necessity to ask this question increases if your case is unique or complicated. Most of the lawyers can get you out of already sorted cases. However, it takes an expert to get you out of a claim that gets messy every time. So by asking this question, you can check their expertise regarding your case.


Dealing with personal injury is not easy, and finding a lawyer for the legal formalities related to it, only adds up to trouble. By asking these few simple questions to them, you can check whether they are fit for your requirements or not.

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